Useless Content Marketing | How To Make Your Readers Say “WTF?”

I like reading about space and exploration, and I like to keep up with the financial blogosphere. But how do the two work together? This image is a screenshot of a random financial blog I stumbled on today: Content Marketing Fail

Every once in a while I will see content on a website that has no place being there. I understand that some web marketers will put up any content, just to have content, but in this case I don’t think that’s what they were going for.

There are a couple of websites that are geared to publish any topic in on the web like and wikipedia. But if you are a financial blog talking about space exploration, then your readers might be like “WTF?” and move on with their lives. Was there any harm done in the end? Probably not, but I like to keep my content somewhat on target.

But I do have to give the guys credit for trying to make the content relevant by having one sentence about NASA’s funding:

NASA announced last year that there are currently no funds for the mission.

Free information deserves a share!

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