How Google Search Works | Explaining Linkbuilding To Co-Workers

If you are an in-house SEO you might have to describe to your co-workers and, upper management, how Google works in order to get them to work with you. Remember the KISS method “Keep It Simple Stupid”. No one really cares what link juice is or the intricate workings of PageRank. They just need to know that links increase rankings which increase website traffic which then converts into sales which increases the bottom line. If you can’t tie your explanation to and ROI then you will not get the right funding for any project you do.

Matt Cutts Explains Google Search and Links

Sometime the best way to explain things is to give them the source. In this case Matt Cutts from Google explains things very well where even a child could understand:

Free information deserves a share!

2 thoughts on “How Google Search Works | Explaining Linkbuilding To Co-Workers

    • Most people don’t understand the foundation of how the internet works. Ironically a lot of those people work in businesses that are all online… Doesn’t make sense not to understand this stuff.

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