Inbound Link Attrition

No matter how fast you build links to your website there is always going to be an opposing rate of attrition, meaning you are losing links constantly no matter what you do. They key is to always be building GOOD back-links to make up for the many you are losing.

I have two websites, represented by the graphs below, to demonstrate:Inbound link attrition

The first domain, represented by the graph above, demonstrates a fairly large domain that has a good content plan, solid influx of links and does not not practice an black-hat SEO methods. Yet the amount of links continues to shrink, on a daily basis.

The second domain, represented by the graph (below) demonstrates a smaller website, in the same industry, but with almost an identical content/linkbuilding plan as the graph above.

Inbound Link growth

Even a solid linkbuilding plan can yield little to no results if it can’t keep up with the natural rate of link attrition. The bigger your domain and the more linking domains the harder you have to work to make your link profile grow.

Additionally, in a post Google-penguin world, webmasters are starting to tear down site-wide links at the request of clients who previously purchased links from them. Webmasters not only tear down the one client’s site-wide links, but they tear down many other links to other domains as well.This behavior in general affects your website either directly or indirectly.


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