Moved To the Off-Road Industry

Readers of SEO Bodybuilder,

I have stopped maintaining this site and found success in the off-road retail industry selling ATV and UTV parts and accessories,  and ORI Struts for Jeeps and other BA off-roading machines. I’m still an SEO professional and always will be, but I don’t have time to update this blog! One of the reasons I started this retail business is because non of the big brand retailers like Amazon or Overstock would hire me! I interviewed for director positions in these companies and they didn’t like my lack of experience. So here I am gaining that experience! Problem is by the time I have the experience with my own site I will be self employed and never want to work for the big brands. I have no budget and we have almost reached our first $100,000 in sales. We have a goal of 3 million in gross revenue in the first three years of business, and we are on track!

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