You Have One of The Top 5 Percent Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012!

LinkedIn has it figured out when it comes to ego bait. What’s the definition of ego bait?

Ego bait is an incredible simple and often effective marketing tactic: Create a piece of content that lets other people or groups look good.

– Thomas Høgenhaven

Many people around the internet, including myself, got this message in their inbox:LinkedIn Top 5 percent email

The genius behind the whole campaign, whether done on purpose or not, is that seemingly most of the people who got this email are people who are active bloggers, webmasters, SEOs, and Internet Marketers. These people have the power to influence many other people! Stroke their egos and guaranteed many new blog posts will be about you. Including this one. Touche, LinkedIn you got me:)

Now I do have to be a sceptic about this “top 5 percent”. How many people actively use LinkedIn? Is it 15% of the 200 million users they have? If so then it would actually be pretty easy to get in the top 5 percent. Whether or not this is true, the campaign still seemed to work.

Free information deserves a share!

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