How To Get Search Engine Rankings From The NYTimes

A controversial article by Jacques Steinberg, a writer for, may have caused short-term damage to the reputation of a large lead generation website,; but yielded, unintentional, long-term revenue for their company. In an attempt to vilify them the called out for using President Barack Obama’s image in an online advertisement.

In Jacques Steinberg’s attempt to paint the website in a bad light, she/he also provided a valuable link to If you have a mind for online marketing, or are a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), you already know a  link from is valuable.

Link Juice

The is one of the most popular websites on the Internet; this is largely due to the numerous reputable links pointing towards it. In SEO terms we like to call this “link juice”.

There is so much link juice flowing into the that webmasters around the globe have targeted it as a place to get their website mentioned and linked to. Inadvertently, has successfully done this.

How Do Inbound Links Effect Marketing and Conversion Rates?

Google uses a scale of popularity called “Domain Authority” for every website or “domain” on the Internet, ranging from 0-100. A brand new site with no links and no content would have a domain authority of (0) while sites like and would have a domain authority of 100.

This and many other factors play into where a page on your website will show up in Google’s search engine rankings.

Domain Authority

If a website like has a domain authority of, lets say 68, then a link from could bump them up to a domain authority of 69. Each point of domain authority is exponentially harder to gain the higher up the scale your website goes. So it would take many more links for a site to move from a domain authority of 68-69 as it would for as it would for a site to move from 67-68.

Converting Search Keywords Into Money

When the linked to they did so with the words “online” and “classes” (illustrated below) passing valuable link juice to People who search the key phrase “online classes” in the Google search box are very likely to sign up for a class with an online university.

In an attempt to paint in a negative light inadvertently helped them gain their number one spot in Google for the highly competitive key phrase “online classes”.

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