Keep The CEO Informed, In-House SEO Tips

If you are an In-House SEO for a small company your biggest job is not always doing SEO but keeping the CEO informed of what your doing. If the CEO doesn’t see value in SEO then your out of a job. I try to send periodic emails to keep him informed of where his website traffic is coming from.

Take Credit For You SEO

If you don’t take credit for spikes in traffic then the CEO will assume he is just an awesome business guy and that all of his traffic comes from “word-of-mouth”. When it comes to marketing “word-of-mouth” is a dirty word, don’t let it steal your glory as an SEO.

Here is an example of an email I recently sent out to the CEO of a company I do SEO for:

Mr. CEO,

This is the traffic pattern for your website just over 2 years. This graph represents ONLY the traffic that is not related to your brand. Meaning, users typed something that doesn’t have your brand name in the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search bar.

The big spike in 2012 is when we started our SEO content marketing campaign.

Inline image 1

This graph (below) represents ONLY brand-related traffic, meaning they typed in keywords directly related to your product(s). As you can tell it’s a more gradual increase. They only way to make this graph jump up is to do a magazine ad, television spot, or other form of media, other than SEO. You can’t do a lot of SEO for your brand because we already rank #1 for the term. But we can do SEO for every other term.

Inline image 2

Free information deserves a share!

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