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Finding an image for your article or webpage is one of the most time consuming parts of writing for the web. With the push for unique content SEOs and webmasters are trying to find a way to quickly create great content, rich with images, without spending a ton of time. My most recent discovery is a free service called Zemanta.

Zemanta For Content Creation

Zemanta works with content management systems, like WordPress, and instantly provides you with relevant images for your blog post. Best of all the images are FREE! If you use one of Zemanta’s images then it is linked back to the source where it is originally hosted. This provides the host with a link, which helps increase SEO for his site, and you with an image. Consider it a trade. I takes a lot of work to obtain links to your website and equally as much work to make rich content. Consider it a way to cut your content creation time in half.

A Great Linkbuilding SEO Service

Now, if you want to get links to your website from other Zemanta users then you will have to pay Zemanta a monthly fee. If you are an SEO for a company then I suggest signing up for the service. But if you are a broke blogger it may be too much of an investment right now.

This article took me 25 minutes to write and about 25 seconds to pick an appropriate image. As a blogger I am more than willing to give a link if I can create a great article this fast! Thank you Zemanta for making my life a little easier:)

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