Company Logo In Rel Author Rich Snippet

The image below speaks for its self. With all the talk that you can’t get a logo for your author rich snippet, somehow I managed to slip this one by Google?

Note: The logo is no longer the rich snippet for this website. All the information in this article was relevant and effective when it was written but I think the Google + team has found a way to combat the logo from appearing in rich snippets.

Google authorship rich snippet

Notable Points:

    1. Does Google recognize faces with the rel author tag? If so, why did this one slip by?
    2. The blogger quoted below seems to have the same understanding of Google recognizing faces:

      I read that some people tried to put a Logo as their profile picture but Google didn’t allow it. So they must have some type of face recognition.

    3. The rich snippet only appears on certain search terms. In this case I typed “ori struts crash” and it shows up under a new results list “Results for Similar Searches” (see image below)Google results for similar searches
    4. Rich snippets do not show up if I do a site search of the entire site “”
    5. If I switch to incognito mode in Google Chrome, which is supposed to take out all personalized search results, I still get the rich snippets. But I suspect Chrome is still personalizing results, even in incognito mode. See screenshot below:Google Chrom Incognito Mode


Depending on the search query, rich snippets may or may not show up for pages you have authorship on.


Is the logo in search results considered “rich snippet abuse” by Google?

Additional Insights:

SEOs, please do share any additional insights that you may have on this. Google employees, with insider information, are more than welcome to add insight. Or, if there are posts out there shedding some light on the issue, please post those in the comments!

Free information deserves a share!

4 thoughts on “Company Logo In Rel Author Rich Snippet

    • Sorry this post has been neglected. But I ended up changing the image to an actual mug shot and used a real person’s Google Plus page. Reason being is that I think the logo appeared in Google search results simple because of flaws in the algorithm. As the Google + team refines this I think it would be a fruitless effort to try and get a logo.

      But as an SEO my sole means of surviving is to find loopholes in the Google algorithm:)

  1. I don´t really know why Google cares about pics, unless is trying to compete with facebook ( which of course is). I didn´t want to share a pic of myself and I don´t know why I should to claim authorship. But as they have the power I will have to do it.
    Thanks for the attemp.

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