Vice Presidential Debate Instantly Debated Via Social Media

Obama watches vice presidential debate on air force oneIn an age of social media, politician’s words are shared, Tweeted, debated and scorned before the candidates even finished their sentences.

This age of instant conversation, around world changing policies, has never existed in the history of the planet. Biased traditional media, like cable networks, no longer control the outlook of our candidates. Less and less do people turn to FOX News or CNN to get differing opinions, they increasingly turn to the world wide network of friends and acquaintances on the internet.

Social Endorsement Trumps Campaign Ads

Any marketing professional knows that the power of a friends endorsement trumps any campaign ad. The playing field is being equalized and the voices of our great nation will rise via social media! This coming election may heavily be determined by the voices of people on Facebook, Twitter and all other forms of social media.Your single Tweet my ripple into the minds of thousands of voters. Little voices are now empowered to do great things, so please, share your opinions in this crucial election. Pick a side and voice your mind! The nation is counting on it!

Free information deserves a share!

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